Old Fashioned 2015 Movie

The Old Fashioned Way

Okay… So I am just about to turn on my zest mode or whatever… This only happens whenever I am writing about a movie I like or love.

Allow me to let loose for some few minutes here.

I recently watched this movie which I have just been gushing over called Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned 2015 Movie

Now, I would like to just stop you right here in case you might be interested in watching it before proceeding to read the whole post because I might end up spoiling it for you.

I love good movies… and by good movies I mean, movies that  are heart-warming and soul-stirring. Movies that inspire goodness, grace, mercy and evince the true reality of sacrifice when it comes to love.

It is particularly hard to find movies that are rich in content and beautifully acted these days because, most of what is out here nowadays, is just disgraceful to say the least.

I have a list of favorites of course. However, I have come to revise them over the years. Still, Apocalyto and Three Idiots remain long-standing and undisputed. And now, it seems that I have added a new favorite to the list.

What I particularly loved about this movie is that it was old fashioned… literally just as the name states. I loved the raw feel of the movie, and here’s that word again – the vulnerability – of it. Aaay aaay ! I just felt that storyline in my bones. I loved how the movie directors allowed the characters to be human beings: to have flaws, to have scary pasts, to be genuine and honest, and to value the place of respectful boundaries. And I most especially loved how the gospel message was acted out in this movie.

Anyway, so the movie is about a lovely couple as they always are – these romantic movies –; a guy called Clay and a gal called Amber. Clay is this uptight guy who isn’t into much of anything that is extroverted. He is quiet and chill…sort of the ‘minding my own business’ kind of vibe guy. He also has many ‘weird theories’ or so they were called. What I admired most about him was the fact that despite being a reserved guy, he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in even if it meant having to lose friendships over his beliefs.

On the other hand, we have Amber. Her personality is the outgoing type, cheeky, flirty, with a free-spirited kind of vibe. She wasn’t really one to be tied down by people and she loved adventure. However, this adventurous sense was mostly prompted by the fact that she was used to running away from situations whenever they got messy.

Old Fashioned— Clay & Amber

Anyway, so you now have a picture of the two.

I would like to share parts of the movie that I absolutely adored.

Clay, in one of his many ‘theories,’ did not believe in dating because he didn’t think it made people to be better husbands or wives. He believed it only trained people to be good dates and skilled in the superficial (you know the mushy mushy stuff that people like doing when they are dating?) He thought that that never brought out the depth and reality of marriage.

As for Amber, not so much. She was all for that mushy stuff. Anyway, this wasn’t why I particularly loved the scene. What I loved was what  Clay said being: “nothing magical happens when two people walk down the aisle because what people do when they are single is what they will still do when they are married.” And I agreed with his view… Though just like Amber, I was also down for that mushy stuff— irregardless!

Anyhow, moving on… as they discussed sex, there was something so profoundly beautiful and true that Clay said, and that is, that he would never want to experience the pain of divorce. He believed that love should come first then later in the marriage, sex should follow. Oh well, call him old fashioned or whatever! But I am right there with him.

Moreover, I particularly loved Clay’s best friend David— totally. Well, the other one—Lucky Chucky – was just a jerk for lack of a better word. However, reiterating clay, I also did not blame him for his retrograde views on women because in truth, he was just a product of the system. The system being: the world as we know it today. A world that teaches people that—“You Only Live Once, so you might as well be reckless (terming it as fun) while at it.”

Treating women with respect

So David. I especially loved how he put Clay on the spot during a birthday party he hosted. Lol! Such are friends! (You gotta watch the movie to get it.)

Moving on to another scene that I especially loved, loved, loved… when Clay was talking to Amber about his past, Amber asked him what he wanted out of life, and he answered, “to be decent.” Then she asked him how he gave up his past and he’d  better not say something like He found Jesus or something… He responded, “more like He found me.

I was praising the Lord over his response as though it was an actual scene in real life. Lol! Goes to show I am not the type to watch such movies with people because I am quite intense.


Now, Amber. I loved her personality and the destructive schemes she was coming up with just to get an opportunity to spend time with him (since he was taking his sweet time to ask her out. So why not get creative?)

I found it hilarious that they both got an engagement questionnaire book as a guide to assist them in their ‘dating’ because remember, Clay did not believe in dating. Anyway, so there is this one scene where Amber’s friends are going through that book, (her friends, by the way, were not so enthusiastic about Clay since they thought he was a weirdo) and there was this one question in the book— “Do you believe in the death penalty?” and her friend Trish answered it in a sarcastic tone, “oooh yeeeees! The death penalty! No thanks! I gotsta to have a real man!” I was dying of laughter. (If you don’t get the joke, you’ll have to watch the movie.)

Moving on swiftly, this one time they went on a date and Amber bringing out her mischievous character, (knowing very well that Clay was awfully reserved when it came to the the mushy mushy stuff) asked him jestingly, “so the world wants to know, when are you going to kiss her?” You bet I was right there yelling, “yeeeees! The world wants to know! Lol!”

Enough with the movie analysis now. Moving on to why the movie hit right through the heart.

I saw a bit of me in Amber and a bit more of me in Clay. In Amber, a free-spirited nature- to travel to where the wind would take her, make a fresh start, and follow the warm and fuzzies. And in Clay, the need for an assurance of standing on stable ground, high walls, fear of failure especially on critical life choices, perfectionism, a daunting past, and a tendency to detach especially when surrounded by inauthentic persons.

However, after examining all these things, I realized what Clay’s aunt Zella said to him concerning his feelings of unworthiness over being loved was spot on!

So help me if you lock yourself up for another nine years trying to be good; you think that will make you holy? Wake up and get over yourself with the I, I, I, I’s; you and your pain! Stop using the grace of God as a brick wall. There is no goodness without mercy; there is no virtue without forgiveness. The way you carry ancient, crusty, useless guilt like an excuse…let it go! You are loved, you are so loved. The truth is that we never arrive fully this side of heaven. You could remain hidden in that house of yours for a hundred years, never see another day and what a shame that would be! Or miss sharing it with a whole bunch of other confused nitwits, some of whom inexplicably care about you a great deal. Remember: This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

What a rich statement and powerful way to end the movie!

I dare to believe that despite the corruption that has infiltrated courtship, dating, and marriage, there is still goodness through the process. And that chivalry isn’t dead. And I do not speak this way because of some sentimentality which has come over me as a result of watching the movie. But because it is true. There are still some very many decent men and women out there who believe in the old fashioned. And I am right there with them!

Truly, a movie worth watching and keeping at heart. Additionally, now listed among my top three favorite movies.

Now that you have my musings of the movie… I am out!

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