Fire in her soul, grace in her heart

A Soft Warrior

The age is about sixteen; with a disillusioned heart, I observe several blankets of thick white clouds covering the beautiful blue sky. Then I wonder to myself, “when are the aliens ever going to come for me? I do not belong in this world.” In my heart, I am convinced that I have roots and origins in another world – this memory has remained with me to the present day.

Subsequently, from thence, I strove to connect with that other world from whence I was firmly convinced I originated by touching it the best way I could. I gazed upon the moon for hours on end and followed the moonlight’s glow; I flirted with the myriads of stars during some of the dark nights, and examined the flight of the birds in the sky. Moreover, I observed too, with great envy and admiration the rhythmic waves of the seas and waters; they seemed so free.

My heart throbbed with longing at the possibility of such freedom.

Sheep of His Pasture

I thought to myself in many instances that if I could reach to that world yonder, I would find the liberty my heart and soul yearned for.

For in that world, I was certain that not only was I an adventurer, but I was also a knight, an upholder of justice and right and a gallant warrior.

Though not so in this world. Under the earth’s sun, things were different. There was no visible indication of myself to shew signs of fortitude or heroism. My mannerisms and presence demonstrated neither poise, flair, nor courtliness. My appearance and demeanor spoke only: softness and even weakness -which is still the case to date.

Granted, within – a heart of spiritedness and valor continued to frenzy my insides; and the disco ball of passion flashed ever-so wildly with each passing day.

“Surely,” I thought, “there has got to be some way to shew what lies on the inside.” How could I marry that unknown world yonder to this world present? How could I be true to the light I carried within – especially when I was so inept to combat and more particular, considering the disharmony that existed between my will and the natural man?

So like a child philosopher, I sat in my questions.

It would be much later in life that I would come to learn that the answers to my dilemmas lay neither in the diligent practice of mindfulness, nor the brilliant mastery of a skill, nor in the ardent pursuit of philosophy, but in a power much greater than both the combination of the will of man and the dominating influence of his flesh could galvanize when put together – the Spirit of the Creator of all flesh or better known as – The Helper.

The connection lay in the bridging of the gap between the divine and the fallen and weakly elements of the flesh.

And after having experienced that most sought-after encounter (by the whole world), a soft but fierce and mighty warrior emerged. The brave heart of old I was convinced existed in the very core of my being sprang like a lily from the dirt. I was not wrong, I had never been wrong: this world truly, was not my home and there existed another world to which I belonged.

And like a lily blooming in a thicket, the Helper has been my light; helping me to navigate this present world until the time comes when I have to go home. Likewise, countering and rooting out the false philosophies I had amassed, and most importantly, teaching me that softness or even weakness are neither signs of deficiency, nor cowardice; but that both, when applied correctly and wielded discernibly have the ability to conquer this present world.

2 Timothy 2:4 No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy and please the one who enlisted him.

Okay… Let’s just be honest, whenever most people hear anything about religion, their first reaction and instinct is probably to cringe or brush off the whole matter entirely.

Why? Most likely because it is a subject that is associated with extreme cases of fanaticism, it brings about a lot of conflicts and controversies, and even offends easily.

Religion is famously known for: manipulation, stagnation, repression, ignorance, bigotry and is too often a threat to liberty. And rightly so. I do agree. With that said, I recommend you to read two of my posts as well as encourage you to do a personal, extensive, and honest research on your own regarding this matter. Why?

As intellectuals (critical thinkers), I believe we owe it to ourselves to interrogate, examine, and ask hard questions regarding matters touching on faith rather than choosing to ignore them or even worse— follow blind faith. Click here for the first post.

Who speaks the truth with regards to a genuine, sincere and true relationship with God? Is it Buddha? Muhammad? Jesus? Zoroaster? Confucius? Joseph Smith? Guru Nanak? Krishna? Among others? Find out on this second post:

Why Jesus Stands Out

My heart overflows with a goodly matter; I speak the things which I have made touching the king: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalms 45:1

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