A Letter To My Children

This is not one of those clichĂ© letters of ooooh I love you…you’re my world…you’re my everything…you’re my jewels and the like.

That is already in the universe but just to affirm it. You were loved by me even before the thoughts of you came into mind, but you are not my world or my everything. You are my gift, you are part of my world and you are already whole and perfect just as you are.

I write to you today because I BELIEVE that even if you never read this, I trust that because I have put it out there the universe will manifest it. (yes I trust in the universe that much)

Where do I start? Firstly, at times I wonder about what kind of personalities you will have; I love my personality so I am inclined to making you more like me. Anyway, jokes aside, you are moulded in the image of Christ and I want you to be your own individuals, making your own imprints and bringing your own bright lights to us and to the world.

It’s most parents fear that their child/children might end up failures—well I do not have that fear for you, because you will always be victorious in everything you do, whatever you make up in your mind to undertake, you shall achieve, you shall have abundance and wisdom from the LORD. Fear, tyranny and oppression shall be far from you. I have always said to myself;

I am blessed at the gates and at the city. You being an extension of me, have that blessing by default. Claim it!

I will just be there to point to you the paths that lead to your treasures and if I am not guess what? You are already taken care of! Do not ask how just trust.

People are always saying be happy, be free, be yourself…. You have probably heard all those. The truth is, I’ve been on that journey and I never experienced true happiness, freedom and self awareness by trying to get them by myself. So be in God. Just that. You will receive more than your spirit, mind, body and soul can imagine possible; experience beyond human understanding.

I hope and pray you love nature, I love nature, I love ranches, skies, mountains…anything that reminds me there is a greater force than me, there is a creator of a perfect system in an imperfect world. Nature is very healing. I pray you connect with her, she will teach you a lot. She has been my friend always lighting my paths.

Suffering? That, you will find in plenty in this world. There is no way out of it, but there is a way through it. I have planted treasures for you in this world, find them, they will guide you.

There is a great support team for you out here. Again, do not worry too much, they will find you. You will not have to seek them out in case we are not in this world or in case you have a need we cannot meet.

Finally, be brave, be courageous, be bold and have faith. Everything else might fail, but FAITH will never fail. I have tested it multiple times. You can only get this kind of faith in one place. By hearing the word of God.

So this is it for now.

Peace my lovelies.

The most awesome mum ever!


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