It is a beautiful Tuesday morning, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter. I had a really great time.

  1. On Friday I went for the way of the cross in the afternoon, this was a personal walk for me, a time of reflection and understanding the journey of Christ. We began the walk from church and after walking almost half a kilometer, my sandal laces cut. This was so awkward for me, because I had no other pair of shoe this meant I had to walk barefoot the whole way. I was so tempted to begin inner ramblings, then I remembered my favorite Bible verse, all things work together for good. I told myself, “I know God can see that my sandal lace has cut, He will give me the grace to walk” so I kept walking and just then a lady saw me and offered me a pair of socks, and in that moment I saw God’s loving care.

    Finishing my walk

I even had to ask her twice, “are you sure you do not mind?” she just smiled and said, “No! I do not mind at all.”


My sign of grace

At dusk I was so tired, I got home freshened up and slept in the next day.

2.  Saturday was a relaxing day however I had so much work to do in the house because we were painting. I had broken one of our vases the previous night and I felt really bummed. My family advised me to throw it away since it was broken we would just get another one. But, y’all do not know me, I am the type of woman who is attracted to broken things, I believe that I can create a master piece with the broken and here is the most amazing part, when I attended mass on Sunday, the sermon was about “striving to be the person who gives life to broken situation” I felt really great because in a way, I knew this was a message for me, God has been talking and teaching me about this, He has placed a wonderful gift in me that He needs to use for His glory, “Being a light”

There are times I feel unworthy of Him, but I remind myself that He loves me unconditionally, He sees me, He understands what I go through and He still loves me despite my failures and shortcomings. I love God so much because primarily, He is my creator and He loves me in a way no man can ever love me, I believe that being loved by God gives me the courage to give and receive love from others in whatever portion because He being my anchor, I know that no matter what  measure of love I find here on earth, there is a God who loves me so much that He gave His only son for my sake.


3. Sunday was a beautiful day, after mass, I came home and helped to tidy up the house, I was feeling a bit inactive, I watched one of my favorite telenovelas (for study purposes lol) the whole day.


4. Now, here is the thing with having a lazy day for me, I noticed that it literally drains all my energy even for the next day. I had planned on going for morning mass on Monday, but since I slept in I never managed. The body is one interesting vessel, our bodies can influence our decision making if we are not careful. God has been so faithful to teach me, that I need to stop operating on feelings and unnecessary desires but on trust and firm focus. I felt lazy and sleepy so I never accomplished my day goals which made me feel lousy and set the tone for the whole day. Anyway, I wasn’t so harsh on myself 🙂 We helped around with the painting and learnt a lot in regards to mixing paints.

Image Credit: Paco_Yao
Image Credit: Yaoyao

5. Finding balance is not easy, especially when things do not seem to make sense in life, I remember previously when I used to have such days and I was so confused about the whole process, I felt so lost and to top it all off, the reasonings and anxieties made it worse. Having a relationship with Jesus has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me because as my source I am able to reach towards everything else with ease and peace of mind.

Being on work leave for the whole week, I plan on making sure that I accomplish all I have set out for each day even if it is a small goal.







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