How many times do we short-change ourselves? We think that God is delaying to answer us or has even forgotten about us? Maybe there are things you started praying for from last year or you have been believing God for for the longest time and they have not yet come to pass.

Short Story

So today I compromised, I woke up this beautiful morning and prepared for work as usual. I was a bit late leaving the house so I got a PSV that was full capacity and the conductor asked one of the passengers who was alighting just a few meters ahead to let me have the seat, and I boarded.

All those who know me, know I value my personal space.

Now the scenario was, we had to share a seat, so I had to move for the man and while on the road is when I noticed that he was drunk and his body odour was unpleasant. He kept spitting out of the window and all the while in my head am thinking, “what was I thinking? This is not me!” I hate boarding PSVs that are full and moving for extra passengers, I speak against that but today that was me. I compromised.

In that moment, I not only saw that circumstance but I got a bigger picture of our human nature.

How long are we willing to wait? Even when God has us in a place or a situation that hurts and we do not like it, will we still wait?

Sitting next to that man, I realized that we make decisions based on the current state of unfolding events. When things do not go as planned or our flesh is yelling, you’re late! you’ll lose! you’re getting old! you haven’t built your house yet! Our minds start to play tricks on us and in that rush of questioning, we think we need to make a decision fast! and most likely we end up making a wrong one.

Now see this, the choice I made to board that PSV made me so uncomfortable for the first fresh minutes of my day and stole my power to speak against excess passengers.

The Holy Spirit was beckoning me about my peace, had I waited for a while longer despite being late, I would have gotten into a PSV with my own seat and sat comfortably without having to deal with that ordeal.

God is saying, “just wait on me for just a little longer, I might tarry but I will not fail! I will get you more than you have asked for, I can do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ever ask, think or imagine. I will make your environment of sparkling jewels, rubies, sapphires and precious stones.”

“Why are you insisting on living and clinging on to the things that are lower than your value? substandard stones? the things of strife? Do you not have trust in Me?

The word of Theda


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