Day Lesson: Acting

Stillness is the mind of zen.

This means ten thousand things could be happening at once, all calling for your attention but true practice is recognizing that just because all those exist, does not mean they should disrupt your balance.

The actions of another should not deter or move you. It takes tremendous effort to establish firm practice. This is because life is like a baby at times, there is always something new it desires. The desire mind unfortunately is stronger than the disciplined mind and it can be misleading if not put under an eyeglass to examine and recognize it as it is. The desire mind has the ability to mask itself as necessity.

Day lesson

You have to act fast if you already know the territory and can easily predict the outcome of events from past probabilities. Sometimes we end up wasting a lot of time waiting for a sign from the universe or from God to make a decision all the while we could use our common sense. If you are in the desert ask yourself, “should I wait for manna from the heavens or should I move and look for an oasis?”

There is nothing as powerful as starting, however it is in this space that you are most likely to give up when you focus on the distance you have to cover. You can discourage yourself easily as soon as you step on the first box of the chess board. When planning is sufficient to know the basis of weaknesses and strength, then it becomes the basis of victory. -Sun Tzu Art of war

Be still, be very still and stay focused. No matter how strong you are in practice, you are going to get to a point where you are going to get really tested. Things coming up left, right and centre. That is why it is important to keep practicing, to keep encouraging yourself to move forward with your head high above the water. When you feel weak, when you get insulted for standing up for what you believe in, when you feel isolated like an island, when you are almost giving up. Keep going. A wise Ghanaian man once told me “victory is just before your next I give up”

Peaceful #ZenSmile

Plus, it is never as bad as it seems actually, what makes the situation look bad is your attitude and experience with it in the past. If you thought, “today is the first day I am getting this challenge”, you are likely to face it with more confidence and a bold attitude rather than, if you thought, “same old problem”

It is all in the mind. What you focus on day and night, what you meditate upon hour in hour out. The mind is so powerful it has the ability to heal and shift the whole body’s mood, posture, attitude and health state by just sending it positive commands.

Meditation is the highest practice of the spirit. A wise guru once said…

First establish yoga then act- Sadhguru


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