Dealing With Doubt

Many of us have big dreams and plans for our lives. We have grand visions and we tell anyone who is willing listen about them, sometimes we even tell those not willing to listen because we are passionate about the dreams we carry in our hearts.

However, most of us do not execute them. We procrastinate and put them off for another day. We tell ourselves “Let me finish this one important thing I am doing today, then I will get to working on my dreams tomorrow.”

I want to be so real about this, because I believe that someone is going to be set free by this message.

There is no such a thing as I will do this and that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is never promised.

There is this song called “one day at a time” that says, “Yesterday’s gone, sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine”

This song reminds me truly how precious life is, each day and moment we have is a gift. We should love who we love, be happy, rejoice, climb mountains, write books, create art, travel the world, write songs, lead, teach and instruct, do all things for God’s glory.

But we have a problem called DOUBT or better, let me call them the negative WHAT IF’S

  1. What if I fail?
  2. What if no one ever loves me?
  3. What if people make fun of me?
  4. What if I am unqualified, not able or too young?
  5. What if people talk?
  6. What if I step out and I am ashamed?
  7. What if my loved ones leave me?
  8. What if I put my money into this and it doesn’t succeed?
  9. What if God doesn’t forgive me because I did this and that?
  10. What if I lose?

They are countless and I have been there and I do find myself there too many times. The problem is not that we cannot do the things we have in our hearts or we do not have the funds or resources.

The problem is the doubt.

Money will come when you fuel your dreams with faith and actions. The scriptures say, the God that we serve shall supply all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus, but before that verse there is a whole lot we need to do. Philippians Four

I remember the first time I told God that I needed Him to deal with the strongholds in my life.

He began with doubt. Why? I do not know, I stopped asking because remember “His ways” but He has really been working with me on this. He taught me, firstly that doubt is a curse.

He told me that I needed to stop dealing with doubt as a feeling. If I wanted to have victory in my battles, I needed to understand that doubt is not just something I feel but a beacon for me to deal with issues in my life that would otherwise pull me away from God’s great purpose.

I realized in that moment that I was in a battlefield and God as awesome as He is told me, “I have already given you victory, the rest is up to you, will you believe that you have won the battle? “

All we have to do is believe and obey His commands.

Now, all sorts of rejection, obstacles and sufferings come against us and the minute we start facing these things, we question, “Did God really intend it to be this way?” Already we introduce the seed of doubt.

We need to deal with doubt as thoroughly as possible, as though we are dealing with pesticides. No pests left behind.

Jesus came that we may be free from all curses, to demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.

We need to agree with God for us to receive what He has prepared for us. We have to come to the place where the thought of doubt does not put out our light but fuels our faith in Christ by declaring that Jesus overcame the world and therefore all that comes against us is already conquered.


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Matt Howard

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