Everyone of us has an immanent desire that superceeds any other desire in the human experience.

This desire is what causes up to wake up everyday and go to work, it makes us attracted to other people, at times this desire is so strong that some people look for it by thrusting others and themselves in addictive behaviors of drug abuse, sex, money and power games.

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We are all looking to satisfy the need and desire for freedom within us.

Whether it is financial freedom, emotional freedom, mental freedom, physical freedom, we all want to be free from health problems, from stress, from strife, from marital dissatisfaction, from hurt, pain, disease, hatred, anger, poverty, from the worldly norms….You name it.

Unfortunately we are born in a worldly system that is flawed. The world seems as though it has the upper hand from the time of our birth, because we innately find customs, traditions, rituals, practices braced by billions of people and we take them to be truth.

However, in as much as this is the way of the world, there is a profound truth that lies in the loins of the universe. That which only the ones daring enough to question the status–quo by digging through and placing themselves in places of vulnerability uncover and discover.

The truth is freedom can only be found in one place — in Christ Jesus.

The one place that the world is pushing to make a lifestyle choice, that the people who talk about Christ in public, outside the confines of the church are weird and extremists. The truth is people do not want to be associated with Jesus any other place aside from the church. When someone is praying, preaching, speaking, writing, living a life proclaiming Christ in public, they become a spectacle almost like a circus of sorts.

But whether you search under, over, beneath the universe, you can never find freedom anywhere else. The Kingdom of God is not situated at a specific place (and by this I mean heaven) The Kingdom of God is here on earth with us, it is upon us. Only, it is hidden. Only those who will, can find it.

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Matthew 13:44

A man who is not free is termed a slave. Most people who have no cognizance of this fact are living in vicious cycles of chasing after earthly possessions not knowing the blind desire for the world is making them slaves.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father expect through me.”—John 14:6 Can you imagine the impact of just this one statement? This means there is no other way, no other truth, no other life to God and to gain outside of Christ.

John 8:36 #Freedom #JesusChrist #Faith

Who the son sets free is free indeed.


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