Give Me This Dream

Blessed New Week! Can you believe that the month is almost over? I am telling you for sure, time is like a river as someone once said, you cannot touch the same water twice; because the flow that has passed will never pass again. That is why I find it so important to pray that I may use my time wisely every single day.

Psalms 90:12

I do not know how many of you had written down plans and goals for the year and are now looking at them wondering, “will I accomplish these really?” Well, today I want to encourage somebody. You can accomplish that whichever you have set your mind to. I have found the mistake we make many times is we try to accomplish our dreams by our own strength. I have been a victim of this, ‘doing all good by myself’. It is true we can go so far by our persistence and hardwork but with time I have learnt that if you want to stretch beyond your limits, you can only do so if you allow God to guide you and walk with you.

In as much as most people would not recognize this, I believe that there are thousands of people currently living outside God’s will in their lives and they feel stuck and unfulfilled. When I talk about God’s will, I do not necessarily mean this specific calling bestowed upon man by God; but I mean the way God desires one to conduct oneself. God’s will is to love one’s neighbor, to share the message of hope and salvation, to have fellowship with Him, to seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, to be kind, to be gentle, to be gracious, to pray for others and so many others we find in His word. This road eventually leads to the true calling of one’s life.

However, all these things cannot be done by one’s own strength, in fact some people wonder and question why they have the desire to do many things yet accomplish so little in a year or a month. This is because God gives to all men different strength and grace to do what they need to do in their lives; at times this gift from God requires one to grab it violently, knock without ceasing, ask without fear of rejection and seek without fainting the heart.

God gives grace to love people unconditionally, to forgive what seems unforgivable, to have peace in the eye of a storm, grace to endure and persevere. Just because I write about God in almost all my articles does not mean that I am any more close to God than any other person—all are equal before God, He is no respecter of persons, if He did it for Abraham and Sarah, for Solomon and many others He will do it for you as well.

If we give God our talents, our minds, our hearts and our desires, if we give Him even our sins and ask Him with a contrite heart to purify us, He does so with such great love and rejoices to have a son or daughter run to Him. More than anything I have discovered in my journey with Him that He desires obedience more than sacrifice. Obedience to His word, to His leading and His laws and His chastening.

In such a time when most people are at home, I believe this is the best time to establish and strengthen one’s relationship with God. Ask Him questions, seek, knock, have a true desire to understand who He truly is and not who you have heard from other men; but to experience Him for yourself and also a mind that is willing to listen and receive His direction even if it is not popular and it seems hard.

The reason why I write my journey out is because I desire to have a better relationship with God and with other people around me and He is the only one who can build and solidify that within me. I know some of my very visible struggles and I cannot change them by my own strength. Writing is my way to express my feelings, my truth, my desires, my journey and hopefully look back and marvel at the whole process.

My dreams make more sense to me now especially in this time, not because they are attractive and bold but because they are so boldly ridiculous that it would take only God for them to come to life. When I look at them and look at myself, I cannot see how I can make them happen, but when I look at my God, I see how possible they are.

I pray for you all as well, not only to keep dreaming, but to let God have your dreams and deepest desires, He is able to bring them to life.

Ephesians 3:20

I do wish you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead. May you discover and uncover your heart during this time and may you not be afraid of what you find, but run to God to help you understand your true self.

Be blessed.



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