I Am Favored

Some days I think to myself, am I crazy? Will people think I am crazy when I write this? Or when I say this?

But that right there, that mindset right there is the one I wake up everyday by God’s mercies to challenge. Because, yes I am that crazy and bold to declare the love of God, I am a woman who has seen the Lord. I have seen Him with my eyes, I have touched the hem of His garment, I have been healed by Jesus. Without a care of what people think or perceive of me, I speak these words boldly.

When the Lord called me by name and said,

“Agnes Wanjiku Mwangi. I have been waiting for you to run back home, I have seen you hurting and crying and from today I want you to hear me clearly, I have loved you and I have healed you, you are mine and you are blessed. ”

I sat down for days in that moment, shocked, petrified, excited, in tears. I wondered for long days, what exactly have I been believing for all these years? Is this real?

Who are you Lord? He said, “I am your husband, the one who heals you and has healed you and you are my daughter, today that you have heard my voice, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

Therefore, unashamed, I am the daughter of a King. Child of the Most High God. A woman in faith and purpose.

God calls me blessed, He calls me chosen, He has set me apart, He calls me Holy.

When I write these words, my deep and sincere intention is not to scare people or convert people. Actually, religion has nothing to do with it. But in an enormous way, it has contributed to my encounter with Jesus, however, what brought me to Christ was Faith.

Hearing, reading, living, breathing, meditating, daring foolishly to believe the Word of God.

Writing and expression is my highest calling and my way to yell to the world that Jesus is King, like Kanye has put it in His new album and yes it’s that one Kanye —Kanye West.

My whole life, my whole being, my attitude, my speech, my actions, my life, my health, my movements proclaim.

Jesus is Lord.

I have a light in me that is constantly shining, beaming and recharged, a peace, a calmness, a vibration, a sway. My whole identity has been rooted in Christ. He is my employer and my provider. He has come through for me when I jumped into deep foolish waters tasting to see if His word is true and He never failed. He never shamed me. This is personal for me, this is a truth that I wake up everyday amazed, that He chose me, He revealed Himself to me, that I may make Him known to the world.

I am deeply seeking Him. Everywhere, in everything. The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need. I shall not want.

What He has done in my life, no man could have done.

Jesus is King.

And I am a royal priesthood, a child blessed, ordained and purposed.

Like, Mary Magdalene, the one who Jesus healed of several demons. The one who had lost all hope until Jesus. The one who wept bitterly at the crucifixion, the one who Jesus first spoke to after the resurrection and told, “Go

Like Mary Magdalene,

I have seen the Lord

That the world may know, He is, He reigns, He is alive and He loves you, yes you.

Hol’up let me screenshot this, I am getting too emotional while writing this.

#John20 #MaryMagdalene #MaryofMagdala
John 20

There is a way He says your name and you know the Lord has spoken my name. It sounds new, different, as though you have never heard it called before. The way He said, Mary! And she knew. The same way He calls us by name.

My healer of disease, pain, hurt and agony.

My prince of peace

I boast everyday of your goodness because You O Lord, delivered me from the enemies snare. Like a prodigal son, You embraced me and threw me a welcome home party. For this, I sing your praises like a hummingbird.



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