Like A Dove

Am I a gentle person? Am I a patient person? What lessons have I learnt from life and from God?

That everyday is precious, every moment is precious. Every person in my life is precious.

I will not like them all, but they are all precious.

Not many would understand the space God has put me in the past four years—to recognize the power of hatred, of frustration, of anger, rage, rumblings, murmurings and complaints.

Imagine if you only had one day to live and you got the opportunity/curse (according to one’s view) to live it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

My goodness! The time we waste on hate, gossiping, anger, frustration, failures, could constitute 3/4 of our lives.

The first day would be easy, but as days go by, they would get tougher and tougher and the routine would become like a bad dream. You start to notice small things you could not have noticed previously, you get irritable, impatient, agonized, angry to the point of suicide because of the routine and eventually you realize you have gone through all your negative emotions, self-induced strength and none of them mattered or fulfilled you; the anger, the pride, the beauty, the resentment, men’s praise and recognition.

You would be surprised if I told you that this is actually life. We are given an opportunity to live the same day everyday, the difference is we have the choice between good and bad. We are enticed by the bad so seductively. It is always more satisfying to curse someone out, or say, ‘just a little gossip’, in any case you have the right to feel angry, let down, dissapointed and dissatisfied. So, we end up pushing the good to tomorrow, to those who deserve it and to those who do not dissapoint us.

My lovely friends and family, life is so beautiful and it is not just to be lived. It is to be beheld.

Behold your wife, behold your friends, behold your sister, behold your mother, behold your grandparents, behold your boss, behold your father, behold your child, behold yourself.

Put aside the anger, it only consumes you. One day, you will wake up and you realize you only argued and complained. Bitterness consumed your heart that there was no space for love in it and No! It won’t be too late to change but you will feel a deep regret, a tag in your heart when you think of the many ways you would have acted differently, the many days you would have loved with passion despite being heartbroken, then you will understand true dissapointment.

This is what the Lord has taught me and I pray I could get just one person to see the light of my message.

I am not the same woman you interacted with last year, nor will I be the same woman this year or next year if God wills me to be alive. Every single day I let Him transform me into a woman who is strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Not by my power but by the Spirit of God. Who strengthens me to love even when they do not deserve love. That is the work of the Spirit of God, to give grace to do what is humanly impossible, to forgive the seemingly unforgivable, to give my heart wholly and truly, to be spent and to serve, to sacrifice my all and my life.

Some say, “you cannot live in this world and do good! Look at all this evil around! Either you pretend! because you cannot be Christ!”

Yes, that is true I cannot be Christ, but the spirit of God transforms all His sons and daughters into His image.

And hey! Jesus said,

Matthew 10:16 
Behold, I send you forth as sheep 
in the midst of wolves: 
be ye therefore wise as serpents, 
and harmless 
as doves.

So yes, my heart may be soft and tender, I cry when people are heartbroken and when people suffer.

But I thank God for my empathetic heart.

I am the light of the world. A city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden. I am salt. And behold, I have come into your lives to shine.

Light of the world image.


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