Risk Life With God

This is one subject I thought I would take a long time to write about because I am still in the process of learning how to trust God. Trust is something that we take quite some time to establish before we can […]

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God’s Timing

Are there days when you plan for things to go a certain way then they turn out contrary to what you had planned? Am sure your answer is yes. This happens to every person who is living under the majesty of God’s […]

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Press On

As human beings living in the age of the 21st Century where technology is peaking at a very fast rate, we have been accustomed to having most of our problems solved by technical knowledge. We have laid down the spirit of tenacity […]

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Perfect Peace

It would be incongruous of me if I withheld the beauty and intensity of information and knowledge I have gained since I started studying the Bible; note emphasis on study (not read). This journey started back in 2016 when I was confronted with […]

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Just Got Marred

A story is told of a couple who were getting married and were requested by their reverend to dedicate each a Bible verse to one another. The groom was not a frequent Bible reader so he decided to ask his friends for […]

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Let’s Do This Already!

This year will definitely be an year of discovery especially in the area of tapping into both of my passions which are writing and learning new languages. I have come up with this writing goal that is out of my comfort zone […]

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Dear Simon

I trust you are keeping on well and chasing your dreams. I am well myself. I always tell people, whoever you meet in this life even if you interact for a second, has a purpose to be in your life in that exact moment. It only […]

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The Pathfinder

The journey that has been confusing yet illuminating at the same time; most days are the confused and lost-like feeling ones. Clarity is very rare and only occurs when you least expect it; in the midst of the holy mess. Despite being a […]

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Significado Sin Significado

Esta vida El vacío de la vida Somos hijos del universo Todos bailamos bajo el mismo cielo pero diferentes danzas Nadie sabe a dónde vamos Siguiendo nuestros diferentes ritmos Algunos de nosotros somos como los ríos, llevados siempre en la misma dirección […]

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June 2020