The Pathfinder

The journey that has been confusing yet illuminating at the same time; most days are the confused and lost-like feeling ones. Clarity is very rare and only聽occurs when you least expect it; in the midst of the holy mess. Despite being a […]

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Significado Sin Significado

Esta vida El vac铆o de la vida Somos hijos del universo Todos bailamos bajo el mismo cielo pero diferentes danzas Nadie sabe a d贸nde vamos Siguiendo nuestros diferentes ritmos Algunos de nosotros somos como los r铆os, llevados siempre en la misma direcci贸n […]

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Orion: Overlooked Treasures

Oceans, rivers, lives, creatures, waves, beings, lovers Waters flowing, baby’s laughter, tears of an angel, longings unearthed. Cry-in gems, feel-in rain, walk-in heart, love-in the summer, rise-in the sky. Purely flow from the heart, for the rest are only waves of formation […]

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Let Go, It’s Okay

There are times we just get tired of everything, of people and of trying. This post is not about “but you should always keep your head up.鈥 Sometimes avoiding the things that make us suffer, things that remind us of painful memories […]

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Selective Ignorance

There are times I choose selectively to be ignorant; ignorant of some books, events, issues, people and also my own consciousness. Many a times we think that people disturb or anger us which is incorrect, by allowing other people鈥檚 opinions to dominate […]

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Meditative Writing

She is a light to my dim days, the anchor in my life She has shown me how to understand the path of life. As hardships come, I learn to embrace them and grow through them. I relish in the hours I […]

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The Big Bang: Out of Chaos, Comes Order

I have always had a fascination towards astronomy,聽perhaps in another life聽I was an astronomer or an astronaut. I see myself to be part of the universe; by this I mean, I am the universe and of the universe. There are four great […]

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The Plight of Slaves And The Middle Passage

Slavery is still one of the most sensitive topics to discuss because, for the victims and for those whose descendants were subjected to it still have sore wounds that will take years and years to forget. Slavery can be dated back even […]

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September 2020