From Snow White to Hollow

When I was little I always used to wonder how people could get addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, work, money, you name it… I used to think that the world is a jigsaw puzzle and when you grow up, all the […]

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Worth More Alive It really saddens me to see what humankind are capable of doing just to earn that extra buck. I live in Africa, Kenya, and what fascinates me about this continent is the beauty it externalizes, the beautiful vegetation, the heritage of […]

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What Do You Mean “I love You?”

Is this what you mean when you tell me you love me? Then, Do not tell me you love me when you don’t feel it. Do not tell me you want me when you are only speaking for your body. If I […]

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The Universe Loves A Believer

I live for those short, beautiful moments in life where you feel something moving you inside, like an unexplainable force of some sort, when you actually feel alive even if it’s just for a moment. Whenever I experience such moments I hang […]

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My Father, My Hero

You may think I don’t see,Or that I haven’t heard,Life lessons that you taught to me,But I have got every word. Perhaps you think I missed it all,And that we’d grow apart,But Dad, I picked up everything,It’s written on my heart. Without […]

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An Unorthodox Love

Just beforehand, this article does not have a basis whatsoever on Valentine’sSo let’s get to it! What is romantic love? Brain science tells us it’s a drive like thirst. It’s a craving for a specific person. It’s normal, natural to “lose control” […]

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The Soul of A Gypsy

So I think I’ll just creep in here real slow out of the shame of neglecting my blog!! Long story short! I fucking conquered 2015! You see like the way people go about their new resolutions and all! I set out a […]

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The Learning Experience

Hello August! And My long lost abandoned blog!It’s been sometime since I last wrote here, but with reason! I went all in learning Spanish till I gained a great length of fluency! I can’t call myself an expert but I would certainly […]

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Why I “Love Hate” Romance Movies

Disclaimer: On this post I might sound a bit ghetto, blonde, uneducated or use punctuations unnecessarily so yap! To begin with I love love love love old romance movies! Like Dirty Dancing, Casablanca, The Shop Around The Corner such like movies. I […]

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Taking Bomas (1)

Hello lovely readers… I am sneaking in a bit of my work time to do this post :} So the other day my best friend called me from work, she has been complaining I spend a lot of my time working which […]

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