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I am peaceful, I am loving , I am powerful, I am prosperous, I am honest, I am present, I am in tune with the universe, I am part of the most beautiful creation, I am capable, I am able, I am happy, I am healed, I am joyful, I am gracious, I am beautiful, I am strong, I am healthy, I am audacious, I am an original, I am fearlessly authentic, I am blessed, I am receiving, I am connecting, I am grateful, I am one with nature, I am attracting grand opportunities, I am confident, I am hopeful, I am lovely, I am making the best out of everyday, I am accepted in the beloved, I am love, I am able, I am decisive, I am eloquent, I am growing, I am transforming, I am blossoming 🌸

I am favored, I am thought of, I am chosen, I stand out, I am one in a billion, I am purposed, I am passionate, I am brave, I am embracing, I am empathetic, I am resilient, I am compassionate, I am strong-willed, I am friendly, I am truth, I am calm, I am learning, I am progressing, all things are working together for my good, I am rich emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, I am victorious, I am blessed at the city and at the gates, I am the apple of God’s eye, I am becoming, I am influence, I am a domino, I attract goodness and favor, I am alive, I am genuine, I am obedient, I am smart, I am sharp, I am conscious, I am talented, I am an artist, I am the most influential writer in the world, I am young, I am changing, I am embracing change, I am LIGHT, I am bold, I am in faith, I am trustworthy, I am forgiving and forgiven, I am all wonderful things month in month out, I am content, I am achieving, I am Agnes Wanjiku Mwangi, I am the daughter of a King 👑|I am a child of the Most High God, I am God’s beloved. ♥

Ahora y siempreyo soy


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