Self Awareness

I love to plan and with the aid of my beautiful writing gift, I write down all my plans and put pins on when I hope to accomplish them.

I am also very meticulous with the time and budget (a discipline I have come to acquire over time with a lot of effort) I had taken a few leave days this past week and I had planned for them to the letter, but arose those circumstances that disrupted my plans.

Now, I am the type of person who gets discouraged easily when my plans do not turn out as intended because I put so much effort in planning. Therefore, I tend to take the blow really heavily, see? I haven’t written for some days now, anyway! I have one class during the weekend and I look forward to it because I get to learn a lot of new things.

So our teacher told us today,

The most amazing part is half of the lecture he talked about temperaments and personality strengths and weaknesses.

He said something really amazing that I have decided to pin somewhere as a reminder.

Just because your sale has failed does not mean you have failed, learn to separate your do from your who.

Who made the plans?


What failed?

The plan.

Did I fail?


So this really helped me, especially recognizing my weaknesses and knowing that I can develop a strategy to walk through them without necessarily placing so much weight on me as a person; as Wanjiku Mwangi.

So yeah! In as much as I know my personality type through Carl Jung’s MBTI, I found out my temperament! Pretty amazing at how much knowledge and information is out here yet we don’t have the grasp of any of it and even when we do, we never even scratch the surface to explore and examine it.

Do not be satisfied with who people say you are or who you think you are.

Ask yourself

Who am I really?

Who does God say I am?

P.S. The question in bold will save you a lifetime of dissapointments.


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