Happy Birthday to My Main ❤️

Happy Birthday my sweetheart, my lover, my friend and the bishop of my soul. Lord Jesus, words cannot express just how beautiful and radiant Your light is to my heart and soul. I love you so much Jesus! Reign forever in my […]

JESUS: The Name Above All Other Names

Hello There! & Merry Christmas! Ayeeeeeee! It is indeed that time of the year again! And it is also – definitely – not a santa clause affair as the devil would want to have the world believe! Tis’ the season of my […]

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Not Just Another Christmas

This looks like one of those posts that l will read a year later and wonder, “yikes, what in the name of pumpkin puddings was I thinking blogging about that?” But all the same, this is why I have the spiritual journey […]

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Christmas Peace

We are just a few days away from Christmas (like y’all don’t know that). Yeeeeei. Well…  I am not that over-the-top excited though. (Just felt like throwing that gif in there.) But I am joyous and thankful. My heart is filled with […]

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Christ In Me

Hello World. Isn’t it a blessing to be alive? Yes I believe it is. I am so blessed I cannot contain it. Not because it is Christmas. Yes there is that, but the reason behind my joy is realizing that The Lord […]

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