The Next Big Thing

Are you ready for the next big thing?

There are things in this life we desire to have, we pray for, we work for, we fight for, we believe God for.

The truth is, while we are in the present thinking and working towards these things, there is something we unconsciously overlook and that is change.

Dreams are bound to change, circumstances, people, environment, all worldly things are subject to change. There are things we have yearned for in the past, we have prayed for and when we get them, we realize they do not give us the fulfillment we thought they would wrought.

Truth Sidebar

I have asked and prayed for many things and most prayers have been answered. At the beginning of walking in my answered prayers I am always enthusiastic. I start off the whole journey with so much passion and zeal. If someone would meet me in that time and space they would conclude that I am without a doubt powered by electrical energy. The feeling is—I can take on the world.

However, being human, we are not powered by electricity. We get weary, we get weak, we get tired and what normally comes after these periods? You guessed it! complaints, blame, frustration, irritation, anger, passiveness, inaction…. I could go on.

Today morning, I felt this energy so strongly. Being in my blessing but remarkably tired, the Holy Spirit being ever so present made me reflect these feelings and I asked myself.

“What about when you get what you are currently praying for? Will it not be the same cycle? Will you not feel like quiting? Will you throw in the towel?”

In that questioning, it dawned on me for the umptieth time that, this is life, with its ups and downs, obstacles, blocked roads, caves, valleys, dead situations, breakthroughs, good and bad times. Whether it’s a job, a business, a project, a marriage, children, family or friends. At some point, we all get to such points and go through these circumstances.

I remember I started so many projects in the past and let them go because I was not faithful and/or committed enough.

My spiritual journey however, has been my greatest fulfillment in all my lifetime and what has held the fort for me for the newly undertaken projects. There are days, I want to quit, plainly! The body, is worn out, the mind is exhausted and the heart is weary.

Purpose for me is what keeps me going; what I have to achieve in my lifetime is greater than all the exhaustion of my being. What has been set out for me to accomplish is a cosmic plan. That is why, where I derive my strength from matters more than anything in the world, where I connect all my external and internal wires to, is the source of my resilience, strength, character and whole life.

We are made to break, we are made to bend, this is our fallen nature. I got to a point I asked God, okay! I need to know why I am struggling with my weaknesses.

Side bar

I realized when I write about my conversations with God, I always say… Then God said….lol yes, He speaks to me but not immediately —just to clarify—I can get an answer even in four months time, more or less.

The Holy Spirit has been walking me through why I am struggling with my weaknesses. The major revelation is because I feel as though weakness means lacking, not worthy, not sufficient, not able—as though I should not feel weak, I should not be vulnerable. I should be perfect. I know crazy right?

St. Paul said, I glory in my weaknesses. Reading this in new light has given me a new perspective and approach on taking on whatever comes my way.

When I am weak, then I am strong. What a paradox! sounds like something a crazy person would say. It does not make sense, to be weak but you are strong. But that is what being in Christ is, it is walking in this world but going against all currents, all forces, all setups and beliefs.

My greatest lessons in all this has been:

— Recognize that all blessings also have their share of hard moments

—The fact that I prayed for it and I got it, means it has a purpose.

—Not to run from the flames when the heat gets turned up because there is where you encounter you next big thing, where you get the keys to the next door.

Receive it, Embrace it, Transform it…my Mantra—RETIT



August 30, 2019 at 5:39 am

Such awesomeness in this article. Love love! And yes ..its God

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