The Path To Discipline

I appreciate one discipline that has pushed me to be better and has enabled me grow tremendously; practicing yin yoga and sitting meditation.

At the beginning the practice was boring, with little or no results to show for it, I thought I looked hilarious and I almost gave up. However, I’m not the giving up easily type, I prefer to finish what I start. These practices have helped me grow my spiritual faith and increased my mindfulness over time.

Meditation and yoga have so much power and control over the mind and their healing capabilities are evident even the research is irrefutable. I practice meditation almost everywhere now especially when am in the midst of noise and chaos.

This year I am on working on something else which I plan to tell you at the end of the year God willing. In the mean time, I keep my life in mindfulness at all times. I could say Thich Nhat Hanh was the biggest inspiration for my journey through his books and I believe this is the reason why I am genuinely passionate about words for they have such great power, enough to instruct the mind.

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