Wait For It…

I am excited about the progress of the year so far.

I have accomplished half my goals already!Yeeeei! I was actually asking myself, am I this awesome or am I over achieving? No! You guessed it! God.

Please keep reading on and don’t feel discouraged in case you have not accomplished any of your’s yet. This article might just be the nudge to help you keep going and it will bless you ridiculously.

I was reading about other blogs and I saw a random article online “How to increase the readership or stats of your blog.” So, being curious I went ahead and opened the link and the article had some really good ideas but there is one point that said, “if you do not have massive followership or readers, you have a public diary.” Let’s pause here for a moment. Now, I am a sensitive person, (which is not a weakness by the way, it is actually a super powerful trait and depicts a lot of strength) so I thought about that statement and said, “well, this could be me since I have evolved my blog over the years into a more casual and personal space. Should I go back to my previous way of writing?”

Then it dawned on me, who cares if it’s a public diary? I am happy writing! And to top it all, I am impacting lives.

So this is a message is for everyone but mostly for people who are passionate about their talents, areas of gifting and work on them with all their heart, they pour out their whole soul and mind into what they do even if no body sees or claps at it.

Don’t let the internet fool you! You do you and $*%#@!! what other people say.

I am still a kisckass researcher and story teller. As a matter of fact, I have an awesome story for you guys.

Once upon a time, there live a lady who loved to take risks and do bold things.


Let’s get real, this story is about me and yes it’s a casual article.

I decided to do bold things everyday to face my fears and taste God. I hope you guys started on the assignment <<https://soulofagypsywoman.com/the-assignment/>>I gave you because I did and I am also taking advantage of the below verse and God is blowing my mind off this world.

I attended a certain church (not mentioning names) this past Sunday and I had told myself I would present my prayer during the prayers of the faithful in front of the whole congregation( if you are a Catholic you understand this better)

When the time came, I stepped out and walked to the front of the church and as soon as I got there, I heard a voice telling me to go back to my seat, I was so confused because I didn’t know where this voice was coming from. Then I heard it clearly on the speakers, it was the priest. The people who were to say the prayers were already chosen, I think as a part of protocol or something like that; that is what I concluded. The whole scene was so embarrassing but the funny thing is that while I walked back to my seat, in my head I had this urge to laugh which I did.

Then I sat back on my chair, the devil was just whispering to me “That’s what you get” I started smiling and laughing more openly, I have no idea what overcame me, something that was supposed to make me feel belittled and small made me feel so strong and powerful because in that moment I saw how petty the devil was.

This is what happens, when we try to step out in faith, some force tries to show us, we are not worthy, or nobody cares what we have to say. Faith said step out, man said, step back and most of us are here, we are paying attention and internalizing more what men have to say about our destinies, purposes and our whole life. We are giving men the keys to have the final say.

But the most amazing thing is, if you knew who you are in Christ and what God says about you. No man! No devil! No demon in hell could ever make you feel inferior or unworthy. Most of us have let people deceive us by declaring words about us or treated us in a way we felt too oppressed to stand up for ourselves and the unfortunate thing is that the universe has picked up these vibrations of what others have said and that is what it is working with.

I believe there comes a point, we must stand and say enough of this karma! I am a child of the Most High God, why should I settle for scraps while my father has a kingdom to offer me? Get your feet up like the prodigal son and go get your rightful inheritance.

So, that was my awkward but very victorious, bold, fun faith moment because in essence I was not embarrassed but uplifted in spirit.


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