First and for most. This is a written eviction notice out of my life. I yanked you out, but because I now know the power of words, Out!

This is not a courtesy, kind, generous letter. I am just writing to boast to you that I now know who I am. I am proud of my path. I am proud of my failures. I wear my whole life, including the nasty stuff on my sleeve because now, I know how to get up. I am no longer condemned or put down by them any more. They are my motivation to imagine how my life would be if I sat and reveried in the failures, the pain, the hurt and the wrong decisions.

Woooow! Boy am I blessed. You count all my mistakes but I know that it’s just a distraction to keep me from focusing on the TRUTH. Do you feel punked now that I know? Well! guess what? I am going to influence everyone around me and help them open their eyes to the lies you have been feeding them. I will do it with love and respect, with truth and honor, with sincerity and honesty, with humility and dignity and with the power my HEALER has bestowed upon me.

Take your best shot. I know who I am now. Even if I die today, I know where I am going and it ain’t with you! So you can’t punk me no more with disease, death, pain, heart break, poverty, loss, strife, rejection and your favorite fear! you know? These things you use to try and scare us.

You’ve robbed me enough years of joy, love, peace, happiness, laughter, prosperity, success and the people I have loved. You have enticed me into sin and showed me how pleasurable it would be, but later condemned me and told me, “Don’t think God can ever love a messed up person like you, you’re far too gone.”

Hahaha! Jokes on you! See what He did for me? He sacrificed His most precious and ONLY son for me and blotted out every single transgression and sin I had committed and I will ever commit.

Ooooh! You thought you had me? (Hair flip) Get thee behind me Satan! My whole life and being, I praise Him who loved me without cause, without asking for anything in return, who chooses me every second without blinking, who forgives me and considers me worthy to know Him and be known by Him.

I feel sorry for you though! Oh wait! I don’t! I don’t care what you are going through actually, you messed up and now since you can’t go down alone, you have lie to others about who they are. How low! Shame on you! You’re the one who is a failure, filled with pride and resentment, lustful passions, unforgiveness and dishonor, cast out and ashamed. The Lord has made a spectacle of you in front of angels, kings, men, stones, birds of the air and the seas, all of creation. Everybody is laughing at you now.

How dare you think we are the same? Get your game face on cockroach because I am going in full swing. Each and everything I touch is blessed, prosperous and ooooh yeah HEALED. Sucks you know that I know this is my spiritual power yeah? You can’t punk me no more because the sacrifice on the cross paid it all for me. I have been insured by the highest office in the universe.

Manipulate my emotions and physical surroundings all you want, but I know I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, accepted and beloved, chosen and called, adopted in the family of God’s first born~Jesus.

Hahaha you got on the nerve of the wrong woman! Hell hath no fury than a woman who has discovered who she is after many years of deceit and manipulation. You don’t know nothing about me! No thank you for the lies! Keep them!

I am an ambassador of Christ and I am influencing the kingdom of God like the wild woman I am. Just so you know, I am not afraid of you no more!

This is my identity. A daughter of a King, child of the Most High God, Righteous, Holy, Blessed, Favored, Healed, Powered by the Holy Spirit. The apple of God’s eye. Jesus’s favorite. God’s boo 🙂


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